I did something bad today...

Rather, I didn't do something good. I didn't draw anything today. I hope someone reads this soon so I can have people berate me... it gets tiring doing it to myself. And I'm feeling really lazy today.

So lazy, in fact, that I'm going to post some sketches from January, when Ms. SMASH and I started up our little Office of the Creating Stuffs in my basement apartment. There's newer stuff coming - check back soon for "Comic-A-Day" entries, in fact! Promise!

Anyhoo, here are a couple straight from the sketchbooks to Photoshop.

Mr. I-don't-know-who-you-are-but-you-seem-to-be-having-fun.
Yeah, I don't know who he is. Sketched on 13 January.

... and later used to practice digital "inking" with my new Wacom tablet, purchased on exchange after I decided that my initially very-cool HP Touchsmart desktop was taking a shit on me entirely too many times a week. (Note to HP: Much love. I traded in for ANOTHER HP, with a beautiful monitor much like the Touchsmart except, well, not spiteful.)

Also, get ready to be jealous of me again.

Original sketch, from the same day (and a page before, no less, but I wanted to leave you with something beautiful rather than a vaguely sophomoric drunk boy). This is Ms. SMASH herself, drawn for her blog, and her general amusement. Apologies for the quality, but this was taken with the webcam from atop the evil undead Touchsmart before I gots teh scanner (among many other things) in trade.

Lest you think I was talking too much smack about the PC that shall no longer be named, it was fun to draw directly on the screen - which is what I did here. A labor of love. And then of course I was hanging out at Jennie's apartment a week later and out of nowhere went, "Damn! Remind me to fix your picture... I forgot to put the little sparklie jewels on the outside of your frames."

Will someone please remind me tomorrow? I'm going to bed.

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