Comic-A-Day: Candy In Action / I'll Kill You

The very latest. I started a few more layouts of fairly innocuous scenes from my day-to-day, but it got pretty boring. One extremely uninspiring day, I decided to light the fire by trying to adapt the lyrics from "I'll Kill You" (Postal feat. Matthue Roth), part of the free online soundtrack to Mr. Roth's awesome novel Candy In Action.

Posted with permission of Matthue Roth (what a nice guy!). Two bits now:

1) If you haven't read the book yet, or heard the song - take two seconds to leave me a comment about the sketch first, then go get the goods! I want to know if the narrative above makes any sense without having heard the song.

2) Check out www.matthue.com, www.candyinaction.com, buy the book, read it! It's fun, it's original, and I have to hand it to Matthue for the way he's marketed it with extras on the book's site. It's like the special features on a DVD, except, you know, fun and killer, instead of stale and expected. I also owe him props for the signed copy (he just has cool handwriting) I got at his open-mic reading at the 92 Y Tribeca. Oh yeah, and for giving Ms. Smash such a smashing introduction before she took the mic!

Okay, did you leave a comment? Good... now go buy Matthue's stuff. It's okay, just go. I won't mind. I promise you, when I actually have something to sell, I'll make sure you buy it. But we can see other creators. I'm not the jealous type.

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Blogger Tom said...

hey thats pretty awsome man thank you

March 18, 2009 at 8:11 PM  

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